BaOx is a high-CBD hemp strain initially bred by Centennial Seeds in Lafayette, Colorado. Farmers select this strain for its durability, excellent cannabinoid composition, and quick growing time. BaOx’s short, dense plant produces thick, forest-green flowers tinged with deep red pistils and sticky, resinous trichomes. Its unique terpene profile featuring both uplifting caryophyllene and sedating myrcene makes this strain ideal for 24-hour use. Its dense concentration of cannabidiol (usually between nine and 14 percent) and low THC levels (consistently less than 0.3 percent) gives BaOx incredible therapeutic potential without any psychoactive effects.

BaOx Lineage: Hindu Kush X Otto II

BaOx hemp seeds produce consistent results across generations thanks to its inbred Hindu Kush lineage. The back-crossed Hindu Kush gives BaOx its short, bushy stature, which makes it ideal for indoor cultivation facilities. However, many outdoor farmers also prefer this strain thanks to its durability against strong or variable weather conditions. BaOx grows well in both hot and cold climates thanks to its Hindu Kush genetics.


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