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Max 500 seeds per customer for pheno hunting, some amazing individuals in population

Mite Resistance: Average
Mold and Mildew Resistance: Above average
Appearance: Half of the population is purple during maturation
Terpenes: bright, pungent, and unique terpenes compared to any of our other varieties
Phenotypes: 3 major pheno groups
Indica dominant, little branching, long dense greasy “spearlike” colas, heavy yielder
Sativa dominant, medium branching, medium size colas, medium yielder
Sativa dominant, medium branching, smaller colas, lower yielding
Branching Structure: Strong branches across population, variable node spacing
Plant Size: Big plants overall, wide leaves
Yield: Medium
Maturation Time: Variable across population, dependent on phenotype (4-8 weeks)
Population Average CBD: THC Ratio: 27:1

While this is an excellent choice for pheno hunting, due to 30% hermaphrodite rate, we cannot recommend for planting large acreage.

MBVR x Cherrywine

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