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KLR_#1 Sativa Dom Hybrid
 Feminized seed only. 
 Top Selection out of 40,000 seed planting in season 2016
 Dominant Terpene profiles: Mycrene, Caryophllene, others
 Harvest: 9 weeks indoor / Mid October Outdoor/Field/Full season
 Palate: A pungent and complex sweet cherry, with strong essence of lime and skunky pine 
 Status: Available January 15, 2019

 This is our best all around field producer. Every year this has been our most aggressive growing plant in the field or indoors. It has incredible stem/stalk strength while maintaining a respectably medium sized caliper size trunk. It is a perfect candidate for climates that hold a variety of inclement weather variables, even late season. The plant is strong enough to remain upright and stable on its own under the weight of rain fall and or high wind. It has traditionally been a little later to start flowering than our other varieties but absolutely packs on heavy flower biomass by end of season in early to mid October. Because of its later transition into flower we also feel like this is one of the industries best candidates for farmers who are geographically equatorial. Here in the Willamette valley of Oregon where common issues at end of season is bud rot this pheno has stood out as the most mold resistant strain we have and typically has little to none when others hemp varietals are afflicted badly. The aroma of the flowers reflects in the smoke and is very fruity with a strong essence of limes. The upright growth habit and the flower structure due to short internodes makes this a very heavy yielding plant but allows for an easy mechanical harvest. For whole plant harvest the ratio of trunk/stem/petiole/ flower is very desirable and we consistently see a 10-12.5% total CBD HOMOGENIZED value. For raw flower biomass we consistently see a 16-22% total CBD value with our highest value lab test coming in at 24.92% total CBD. 


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