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Mite Resistance: Above average 

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Above average 

Appearance: Uniform, large, dark green waxy leaves, easily identified across the field 

Terpenes: Pungent orange tangerine, hint of skunk 

Flowers: Dense, consistent maturity time across plant from tops to lower branch flowers 

Phenotypes: 2 main phenotypes 1: Indica dominant, tight node spacing, more dense flowers 2: Sativa dominant, taller plants, longer node spacing 

Branching Structure: Variable node spacing, mostly tight 

Plant Size: Small (Recommended planting density 3’x3’) 

Yield: Medium amount of high quality biomass 

Maturation Time: Consistent across population, mid length finishing time (~6 weeks) -Not going to go hot too quickly, excellent hybrid for first time hemp farmers 

Population Average CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1

T1 x Cherrywine (feminized)

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